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the experience at the screening was amazing, full of professionalism, I recommend it to everyone πŸ’™

Martyna Kowalewska 18 February 2022

Me and my partner both had a reading today, and wow! This lady knows her stuff, and contacted people who have died from my family who she would have no way of knowing about. I'm so impressed by her we're looking forward to booking on some courses to learn more. Awesome reading Debbi πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Ben Hayford 16 February 2022

My 1st ever reading and I was quite sceptical. Debbie is a lovely person and knew things about me that she couldn't possibly know. I now have some things to look out for including the number 16. would highly recommend πŸ‘ŒπŸ» 5 🌟

Jason Langford 1 November 2021 

What a great reading, lovely lady down to earth and full of knowledge. Definately go again.

Rebecca Major 5 October 2021 

I was blown away by the reading I had with Debbi today.

so much detail and accuracy.

First time I had ever met her but felt so warm and welcomed in her presence it was like meeting up with an old friend.

she has also helped me make positive moves for my future development.

thank you Debbi see you soon x

Vicky Langford 9 September 2021


Me and my boyfriend have been to see Debbie on a dew different occasions,

First to do our reiki 1 which went amazingly! Debbie was very patient and easy to talk to throughout the training and laid it out in a brilliant way to guide us through. Will definitely be booking our Reiki 2 together as well!

Next we went for a reading which i can honestly say was spot on! I was able to relate everything that was said and she described passed loved ones which could only be them! I have taken a lot of guidance from the reading as everything made complete sense and it was stuff she could not have known at all prior.

Today i went to the spiritual development course which was such a brilliant experience. Your made to feel so comfortable and at ease even though you are reading people which i have never really out to practice. Everyone was incredibly friendly and Debbie runs the course so well and gives everyone time to speak.

I would 100% recommend Debbie as she is incredibly approachable and supportive. Whether it is as a student or a client.

Katie Haines 31st July 2021

All I can say is WOW!

From someone who was not necessarily a believer I went with an open mind to see Debbie.

I can honestly say my life was changed and I was reduced to happy tears and was met with a lot of facts from members of my family who have passed away. Debbie also rightly told me of my current situation in life as well as my recent past as well as my soon to be ex wife's mannerisms.

There was talk of the future and happiness and its very reassuring given the accuracy from Debbie on the past and present.

Was thrilled to bits to hear from my Nan and Gramp and the happy tears were alreading starting before my Mum came through who gave me a lot of messages through Debbie.( some very specific no one else could've known).

If you haven't been to see Debbie yet and are contemplating it then please take my advice and don't hesitate to go and see her. You really won't regret it.

Thanks again Debbie.

Fraser 16th June 2021

I went for a hypnotherapy session. Was going to do past life but we decided to do current life regression in end. Started off with reiki which was lovely. Did a hypnosis session to help to remove a phobia and ended with reiki. Left feeling positive and happy and confident that hopefully the phobias been removed. I definitely go back for more hypnotherapy sessions if I needed it. πŸ’•

Kazzy Lioness 14 June 2021 

Spot on with the reading & I feel better after a muscle re-balancing treatment. Will be booking more sessions with Debbie soon.

Dee Jopling 8 June 2021

I can’t recommend Debbie enough, I had a few different sessions last year including reflexology and reiki.. Debbie has a very calming aura as soon as you meet her which made me comfortable from the start. She picked up on emotions that I had been feeling for a while and was able to help me leave those behind at the sessions. She’s full of knowledge and offers lots of advice dependant on what you’re looking for!! looking forward to booking in again soon πŸ₯°β€οΈ

Philippa Wildig 18 April 2021 Β·

Had a reading today with Debbie, she brought through my dad side of the family which they haven’t came through before, Names were given and could relate to it and other things she had mentioned to. very happy with my reading x

Stephanie Louise 8 April 2021 

I have seen Debbi for Reiki Treatment and Reiki I and II Tuition, Reflexology, Past Life Regression, Mediumship, Spiritual Development and Mediation. Debbi is very knowledgeable about her different therapies and is very in tune with her guides. She is able to use all her therapies when needed and I always feel much better after an appointment with Debbi. Her online meditations are amazing! Highly recommend 😊

Ros Barrick 26/03/2021

I highly recommend Debbi, I have been attending her development circle for over two years and have been amazed at how I have been able to connect with my higher self to give messages and send healing with the support and encouragement from our wonderful teacher Debbi.

It is such a wonderful feeling knowing you are helping others.

Judith Brightey 23/03/2021

I have been getting treatment for years on different problems I have had . Football injuries , bad back and headaches . Would definitely recommend!!! Referred friends also for treatments who have been pleasantly surprised and happy with their results . Definitely worth a look on the website. 

Karl Baxter 17/03/2021

I highly recommend Debbi, I had several treatment sessions last year, including reflexology, reiki, head / face massage.

Debbi has an air of calm about her which instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease.

She has such a beautiful soul, amazing talent and such positive energy.

She helped to balance my mind, body and spirit.

I would always leave feeling so relaxed, more balanced and in tune with my body.

I am truly grateful for discovering such an amazing, talented woman, thank you Debbi.

Looking forward to being able to attend sessions again when restrictions are relaxed.

Kellymarie Toussaint 17th March 2021

I met Debbi by chance almost three years ago, and was amazed when she started picking up on things with me! I booked a reading with her, which was spot on, and have since had another reading, where the connection went even deeper. I've had Past Life Regression done with Debbi, and This Life Regression..both experiences were absolutely amazing, resulting in me being able to let go of things with her help, and also reconnecting with my dad in spirit. Debbi is so lovely..she is very knowledgeable and experienced. She works from the heart, and delivers her messages with love, care, and compassion. I would thoroughly recommend would not be disappointed! πŸ’•

Lynda Widdecombe 17th March 2021

Debbi trained me for levels one and two of Reiki.

She was always calm and made everything make sense. She is always encouraging and patient with never ending questions even after the courses ended.

This has led to a far better quality of life now that I am attuned to reiki and a whole new vibration.

I've had psychic messages from Debbi that are always accurate and helpful.

I'd be happy to recommend seeking Debbi for any spiritual matter.

Love and Light

Wendy Elden

Wendy Elden 17th March 2021

Thank you so much for the amazing reading. can't believe how accurate on names. Highly recommend, such a lovely lady. I will definitely have another reading. Honestly had the best positive feeling after. Thank you again xx

Fiona Finbow 23 January 2021 

Had a very good first reading from Debbi! Highly recommended, so calm and relaxed. Feeling very positive from the reading, will definitely come back to her more for guidance in the future πŸ™‚

Dylan Brightey 10 January 2021

Had a wonderful reading with Debbi today. A lot of spiritual connections. Left feeling positive with the tools to deal with life’s challenges.

Dawn Youngs 11 December 2020 

I highly recommend Debbi, she is a welcoming, friendly and a beautiful soul.

I have recently begun my Reiki journey with her and feel relaxed and able to ask any questions as she is so knowledgeable on this subject and many more.

I have also had a reading with Debbi recently which gave me so much comfort at a difficult time. The reading wasn't rushed at all and her validations were amazing πŸ’“

Gilly x

Gilly Litobarski 17 October 2020 

I have had lots of treatments with Debbi - reflexology, reiki, injury treatment, facial massage treatment. All are great! She's a wonderful healer. Today I had a distance reiki treatment, because I could not go to her treatment room due to the coronavirus distancing. I have to say, it was really successful! I had lots of the same responses that I usually get when I'm in the same room and ended up feeling lots more energetic! Really worth giving this a try if you can't get to your appointment at the moment!

Christine Double 7 April 2020 

I had my first reading today with Debbie which has left me feeling positive x

Debbie said things that where right about my past which is amazing!


Julie Nichols 21 January 2020

I have just completed my degree 1 in Reiki with Debbie and I am so pleased that I did! She makes you feel comfortable and at home during training and makes you feel like you can ask any question and go at your own pace πŸ™‚ looking forward to doing my degree 2 πŸ™‚ xx

Elle Youngs 15 January 2020 

I had a treatment tonight which has totally de-stressed my body and mind. I just feel really relaxed and calm. I knew it would help but I didn’t think it would actually feel fantastic! Thank you so much!!

In May I was also fortunate to have a reading with Debbi that was VERY enlightening.

I feel privileged having met her and grateful that she has a varied profile so that you can really appreciate her expertise through the different things she does. And meeting her all started with her offering a gift voucher which my daughter won - Thank You πŸ’•

Helenka Zmrzly 7 October 2019 Β·

I've had a reading with Debbi which was amazing. I knew I needed to start my Reiki journey. I was fortunate enough to be taught and attuned today by Debbi. What an experience! Debbi makes you feel so at home and welcomed. I really felt safe with her and her work. I would highly recommend Debbi for any of her treatments and readings. She is amazing! Thankyou so so much. I can’t wait to come back πŸ₯° xx

Casey Mackey 27 September 2019 

I had a brief tarot card and reading at leisure world, mind, body & soul exhibition, most of what she said was accurate, just a pity it was only 20mins. I would definitely see Debbie again

Pauline Akbal 4 August 2019 

I had a uplift facial with Debbi this week and it was my most favourite treatment I have experienced ever. It was relaxing and made my skin so soft and I felt like a new woman after. Thanks so much.

Simone Lyn Howe 22 May 2019 

Met Debbie, at the mind body spirit in Woodbridge. What a wonderful being. It was a complete pleasure to meet her 😊 will definitely be in contact with Debbie again.

Highly recommended felt amazing after my treatment the natural lift facial massage. Ladies and gentlemen indulge in one of these amazing. Worth every penny can not wait to try the other treatments 😊

For Debbi thank you πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’žβ™₯️😚

See you soon Caroline 😊

Caroline Collins 21 April 2019 

Recently experienced ear candling and an uplift facial with Debbi.. both were so relaxing and I would highly recommend both.. Debbi is such an easy person to talk to the whole experience was amazing, loved it!

Sandra Langford 17 April 2019 

I've had a couple of reflexology treatments with Debbi so far approaching the end of my pregnancy and I can honestly say I've never had better reflexology before, each time I've left feeling like I'm floating on a cloud! My baby has clearly enjoyed our sessions too and has responded when Debbi aimed some healing at him 😊 She is clearly a powerful healer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and I will continue to go to her for this and probably other treatments as well!

Sarah Adams recommends 26 January 2019 

Highly recommend! I would say to anybody thinking about a reading to go for it as you will be amazed by what will come through and how accurate many of the things are. Debbi is so calm and patient so you really feel relaxed and she really tries to work with what your personal concerns or questions are.🌸

Amy Wegg recommends 20 November 2018 

I've had a reading with Debbi a few months ago and I can say she is a very intuitive medium. Now I'm part of one of her development group, which I really enjoy. I discover that there are many facets to her talent. She is also a Reiki Master and my daughter had a Reiki treatment with Debbi that she really valued and it helped her. And Debbi also trains interested people to do Reiki 1. I can only recommend Debbi and my advice to you, reader, is; give her a call.

Marie-Laure Guerin 16 November 2018 

Debbi is outstanding in her treatments very professional and highly recommended

Sonja Lomax 15 November 2018 

I thoroughly enjoyed my first reflexologist treatment with Debbie. As a reflexologist myself, I had been looking for someone for quite a while to work on my feet. I was very impressed with everything. Thanks Debbie see u on the 17th xxx

Suzanne Compton 3 May 2017 

First ever visit to see Debbi for a reading this morning. Very intuitive, understanding and with a definite ability as a medium. Not everything was 100% clear or resonated with me but in many areas she was spot on & it was very emotional. Having lost my father in October I emerged feeling that I had reconnected with him - which Debbi really made the time to help me with. I would definitely recommend her.

Diane Barrow 23 March 2017 

Thanks SO much for a wonderful reflexology experience. My stiff neck has practically cleared completely, sinuses beginning to unblock .... and my feet feel wonderful!! Would thoroughly recommend this treatment. I'm so looking forward to my next session. Thanks Debbi πŸ™‚

Ruth Robertson 22 November 2016 

Thank you Debbie for a brilliant reading! Your a star! In fact 5 Stars! Lol. Highly recommended. Thank you for helping me to find a way of moving forward. Xxx

Mandy Aldous 28 October 2016 Β·

Had my first reading today and I can not put into words how shocked I still am the fact of how much had been said about my life and previous losses etc! I highly recommend Debbie to anyone!!! Thank you so much I feel so relieved about a lot of things xx

Crystal Leeks 8 September 2016 

I had an amazing session with Debbi today. She knew so much without me saying a word. X

Jayne Kettle 22 June 2016 

I had a reading with Debbie and it was fantastic. I could really relate to alot of it. I would highly recommend this, it was very interesting.

Emma Beith 26 April 2016