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Debbi Chambers MAR MTTI

Hi I'm Debbi. I began my journey into the world of higher consciousness and universal energy healing in 1996. I literally saw an advert for a Reflexology Practitioners Course at Life Force Healing Centre in Colchester and knew this was right for me to do. I had never had Reflexology and knew nothing about it! I was just intrigued. As I worked through the course I was fascinated how Reflexology works and how much better we all felt after practising on each other. Every one of my case studies showed great improvement with symptoms they had been suffering prior to receiving Reflexology. The more I practised reflexology the more people became amazed at things I knew about them on not just a physical level but on spiritual and emotional levels too. I was clearly working with psychic abilities but I didn't realise until years later. In 2000 I completed a course in Muscle Rebalance Therapy, the course came to me in passing. To be honest when I watched this therapy being performed I thought, "no as if!" but I soon realised this therapy truly works on a very deep physical level. 

In 2008 I was truly enlightened on the morning my nan left the earth plane. I had been told the time of her passing a month prior in a dream. I experienced her soul leaving her body that morning at the exact time I had been told. I now saw the world very differently and seemed to be on a higher vibration and able to sense, hear and see spirit. A few months later I went for a reading and was told I didn't need a reading because I had all the answers within. I was encouraged to be attuned to Reiki 1st Degree which I did more or less straight away. Reiki 1st degree helped me immensely on my journey of self healing and self discovery. A few months later I did Reiki 2nd Degree to enable me to become a Reiki practitioner. Reiki 2nd Degree enabled me to become a pure channel of universal healing energy,  connected me with my guides, ascended masters and multidimensional energy, whilst enhancing my natural gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.  Reiki proved to be an amazing technique to help individuals physically, emotionally and spiritually. I could not believe how powerful it was.  In 2016 I had another realisation it was time to be attuned to Reiki 3rd Degree/Masters, which I completed, purely for my own development, not to teach. This truly changed my life path not only spiritually but on the physical and emotional areas of my life too. About a year later somebody asked me if I would attune them. I was a little apprehensive as being a Reiki Master comes with a great deal of responsibility but felt it was time. I haven't looked back since then and have attuned lots of people to all levels of Reiki. I also run a circle, spiritual development groups and various workshops. The frequency of the energy I channel has been getting stronger and stronger as time goes on and I work from the highest realms with pure intention from the heart for people's highest good. My guides brought past and present  life Regression into reiki sessions naturally so I felt this was something else I needed to do to help people to understand their soul's journey, whether it be for just out of interest or for deep personal growth and well being. I have since studied past life regression and found it to be exactly the same as I had been doing whilst incorporating it with Reiki. For the past 3 years or more I have found combining the techniques I have mentioned and tailoring sessions to suit individual needs to be amazing.  I believe everybody deserves to heal on all levels, in all forms, at all points in time. I am a channel to enable others to embrace their own unique soul's journey wherever they are on their path.

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